How A Tutor Awaken In The Distance Learning Student The Desire To Learn?

This theme is very complex and depends on the abilities of each one to involve students with the presented content. Considering that in distance education, students are autonomous, and an essential component is their uniqueness, it is necessary that their training is appropriate to the area of ​​knowledge they intend to provide tutoring example, to study Toeic Online (เรียน toeic ออนไลน์ which is the term in Thai).

The student must have active participation within their interests and needs, based on the studied subjects. For this, it is necessary to establish a whole level of transfer, meeting their immediate interests, so that the student can apply such knowledge in their reality. Another important factor is to reinforce the student’s self-confidence with appropriate resources and achievable goals.

To increase the student’s self-esteem, it is necessary to value their work and motivate them to develop their full potential. The limited-time must be taken into account by the tutor in monitoring and guiding the course activities. The tutor’s work program must be flexible and follow the different paces of the students.

Profile And Skills Of The Distance Learning Tutor

To meet the pedagogical precepts, the training of tutors must understand the methodology and fundamentals of distance learning. The tutor must have good communication, dynamism, leadership, initiative, interpersonal competence, enthusiasm, dynamism, and working in a team.

The tutor occupies a strategic position acting as a mediator in teaching-learning processes.

The implications of the work performed by the tutor in distance learning consist of:

  • Offer permanent dialogue, be cooperative and be available to the student to resolve doubts and other implications inherent in the work of a tutor.
  • Listening to the student establishing a position of cooperation and empathy;
  • Offer possibilities for student decision-making, thinking about their well-being and quality of life.

Some suggestions for those who want to start a career as a distance learning tutor

Here we have some tips for those who, after reading the text, want to enter this area and start tutoring at a distance.

  • Know the pedagogical fundamentals;
  • Establish its teaching philosophy;
  • Integrate a multidisciplinary teaching team;
  • Improve skills and develop new concepts in distance learning;
  • Get to know students and online mechanisms;
  • Develop good communication in the learning environment.


In the text, we saw the tutor’s role within a virtual classroom, how their performance should be, and the necessary knowledge and training. As well as tips to improve both your performance and that of your students. We also provide some suggestions for those who wish to enter the distance learning tutor career.