Shades of Fashion: How to Choose Sunglasses That Suit Your Style

Sunglasses are the ultimate accessory for expressing personal style while protecting your eyes. With so many fashionable frames to choose from, selecting shades that align with your individual look can be an overwhelming task. Here are tips on finding sunglasses that complement and enhance your personal fashion sensibilities.

Consider Your Face Shape

An important factor in choosing flattering sunglasses is considering the shape of your face. Frame shapes interact differently with different facial structures. Oval faces look great in most styles, from oversized cat eyes to circular frames. Round glasses complement square faces best as they soften angles. Heart-shaped faces suit cat eyes perfectly to accentuate the cheekbones.

For diamond and triangular faces, look for frames with detail or thickness on the top half to add balance. Take photos of yourself wearing different shaped demo glasses at the store to see what flatters you most. The right shape for your face makes all the difference.

Match Frame and Lens Colors to Your Skin Tone

Frame and lens color greatly affect how sunglasses interact with your complexion. Try on different colors against your skin to see what provides the most contrast or accentuation. Light bronze or peach lenses pair well with fair skin. Darker brown and green lenses flatter medium skin tones.

For frames, black, tortoiseshell, and dark colors suit lighter complexions. Lighter metallics and transparent frames complement darker skin. Contrasting or complimentary frame colors direct attention to your best features.

Consider Your Personal Style

Your sunglasses should align with your own fashion sensibilities and image. Make sure to shop styles that vibe with the overall aesthetic you gravitate towards. If you rock a boho chic style, choose round, thin metal frames. For an edgy modern look, bold shields or futuristic designs deliver impact.

Matching metals and accents on your glasses to your other jewelry and accessories pulls the whole look together. Choose classic Wayfarers if you prefer traditional styles, or cat eyes for a vintage vibe. Your sunglasses should feel authentic to who you are.

Shop Your Favorite Designers

Investing in designer sunglasses takes your eyewear to the next level, say the experts at Olympic Eyewear. Luxury houses like Gucci, Prada, and Saint Laurent offer exquisitely crafted shades. You can choose classic shapes from these iconic fashion brands or styles with their signature flair.

Splurging on designer glasses means getting lenses engineered for optimal clarity and protection too. Add a pair of designer sunglasses to punctuate your look.

Consider Lifestyle Needs

Your glasses should fit your lifestyle needs for optimal comfort and utility. Active individuals may want sporty wraparound frames that stay secure. Frequent drivers need polarized lenses that reduce glare. Buy glasses with sturdy frames and scratch-resistant lenses if you tend to be rough on your eyewear.

Consider when and where you will wear your shades most to choose practical options. But don’t forget to have fun with bold colors and trends, too. The right sunglasses feel great while complementing your look.


Finding shades that align with your personal style takes some consideration, but the payoff is worth it. When you choose sunglasses tailored to your face shape, skin tone, aesthetic, and lifestyle needs, your eyewear becomes an effortless accessory rather than just a visual aid.

Investing in quality sunglasses designed to flatter you means you can throw them on each day knowing you look polished and put together. So take the time to explore different shapes, colors, and details until you discover your perfect frame. With so many options for self-expression through sunglasses, you can sport shades that put your unique look on display.