Tips for beating online casino wagering requirements

Casinos And Gambling Laws In IndiaOne catch to most online casino bonuses is the wagering requirement. Also called playthrough requirements, these dictate how much you must wager before withdrawing bonus funds as cash. Requirements typically range from 10x to 50x the bonus amount. While wagering is meant to be challenging, you can employ strategies to complete playthroughs faster and withdraw your money sooner.

Opt for smaller bonuses

A common mistake is always claiming the biggest bonus possible. But larger match bonuses result in higher wagering hurdles before cashing out. For example, a 100% bonus of up to $200 with a 25x playthrough requires you to wager $5,000. However, opting for the maximum $100 bonus cuts that requirement in half to $2,500. Think quality over quantity.

 Play high RTP slots  

The choice of games impacts wagering speed significantly. Online slots have RTP (return to player) percentages ranging from 92% to 99%. The higher the RTP, the more you’ll recoup on average over thousands of spins. Seek out slots with 96% RTP or higher so more of your wagers are returned as wins, compounding your bankroll faster.

 Avoid side bets

Slots allow bonus side bets that don’t contribute towards wagering. For example, you may place an extra bet on triggering free spins. While tempting, these side wagers eat your balance without satisfying requirements. Decline side bets and focus all wagers on the main game. Get more information through

Take advantage of weekends

The casinos reduce wagering on weekends or run weekly tournaments where counts play faster toward requirements. Creating your account on a Friday gives you immediate access to reduced weekend playthroughs. Similarly, wait until Monday to claim bonuses so you hit the ground running on the weekend. 

Review loyalty program perks 

Higher loyalty status tiers offer perks like reduced wagering requirements, monthly rebates, and more bonus rewards. Review the loyalty program so you understand what benefits increased play will unlock. Target the next tier so that wagering requirements drop permanently once you reach it.

Avoid jackpots  

Games with progressive jackpots usually don’t allow playthrough wagering on the side bet. Since you still want to bet the jackpot for potential big wins, this equates to wasted wagers that could go towards requirements. Jackpot slots aren’t ideal for fast wager clearing unless you refrain from the jackpot side bet.

Withdraw progressively

The casinos allow partial withdrawals during active playthroughs. As you accrue wins, withdraw a portion of your bankroll. This locks in money you’ve effectively cleared off requirements. Withdraw often to reduce the risk of losing progress on the remaining playthrough.

Double dip bonuses

Some casinos allow the use of multiple bonuses on the same wagering requirement. Overlap them strategically. For example, combine a deposit match, free spins, and loyalty points reward to triple count your play. Just ensure terms explicitly state bonuses stack for requirements. But picking games strategically, capitalizing on promotional offers, and playing at a balanced pace will help you grind through playthroughs efficiently. With the right approach, those juicy casino bonuses can end up in your bank account.