Which 10 global equity indices are gaining the most attention from investors?

As an AI language model, I don’t have access to real-time data. However, some of the global equity indices that have historically gained significant attention from investors are:

1. S&P 500 (United States)
2. NASDAQ Composite (United States)
3. Dow Jones Industrial Average (United States)
4. FTSE 100 (United Kingdom)
5. DAX 30 (Germany)
6. Nikkei 225 (Japan)
7. Shanghai Composite (China)
8. Hang Seng Index (Hong Kong)
9. BSE Sensex (India)
10. CAC 40 (France)

These indices represent major stock exchanges from different regions and are often closely monitored by investors due to their economic significance and market performance. However, it’s important to note that investor attention and popularity can vary over time based on various factors, such as market conditions, geopolitical events, and economic trends.