How to Set a Rolex?


  • Unscrew the tiny round dial on the side of your Rolex, which is called the crown. It will turn counterclockwise.
  • After loosening the crown, draw everything the way out. Rolexes have 2-3 crown placements that manage different aspects of the watch. Normally the initial setting winds the watch, the second setting allows you to change the day as well as the date and the third position transforms the position of the hour as well as minutes hands. Begin in the third, and farthest, placement to change the time, then work your method.
  • Rotate the screw clockwise till the hands show the proper time.
  • If you need to readjust the date, press the crown in somewhat until it reaches second placement and rotates clockwise.
  • As soon as the watch is presenting the proper time as well as the date, press the crown back into the base of the watch, as well as screw it in place. It is necessary to totally tighten the screw because the crown’s seal is what makes a Rolex waterproof.


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When to Set a Rolex


When you require to transform the date or time on a Rolex, you should set it. All watches should be set at least two times a year when the clock changes for daylight financial savings time.


Although the crown operates the same on all Rolex versions, not all Rolex designs can be set the same way. For some designs, consisting of women’s Rolex watches, the dial has to be turned counterclockwise.


Things to keep in mind


  • If your watch should be wound, bear in mind to wind it prior to you establish it. Winding maintains a mechanical watch running.
  • Most watches today run-on batteries, as well as don’t require winding. Yet if you have a classic watch, remember that if you establish the watch prior to winding it, the time and date will alter.
  • For more assistance understanding the parts of your watch, check the glossary of terms for every single watch owner.
  • If you’re uncertain how to set your watch or need help, bring it into a local watch shop or jeweler for a fast lesson.