Types Of Condominiums

A condominium like condo in the city (คอน โด กลางเมือง which is the term in Thai) is any private area made up of buildings (houses or buildings). It comprises the private use area (apartments, offices, rooms, stores, and mezzanines) and the common use area (leisure space, green area, access streets, access gate). According to each fraction, the owners have powers over their unit and the other areas (“prorated”). They are responsible for the monthly expenses of the common areas.

In general, condominiums are divided into residential, commercial, and mixed, according to the nature of their use, and vertical and horizontal, according to the construction model.

  1. Vertical Condominium

The vertical Condominium refers to an apartment building, or commercial rooms, in a tower (buildings). Roughly speaking, a cluster of buildings. The buildings are made in towers and can be the identical (called sisters) or in different heights and architectures.

  1. Horizontal Condominium

The horizontal Condominium is one where the buildings are made in the horizontal plane or one next to the other and not on top of the other as in the vertical plane; it is generally composed of each side by side.

  1. Residential Condominiums

Residential condominiums are composed of houses or buildings; they are buildings intended exclusively for housing.

  1. Commercial Condominiums

Are those types of buildings aimed at business and commercial activities? Usually, they are well-known commercial buildings, where commercial rooms are rented for stores, offices, laboratories, and offices for the most varied professional purposes.

  1. Mixed Condominiums

Condominiums of the mixed type are those that house residential and commercial units in the same area. The mixed Condominium is a trend in Brazil. The demand for this type of project has been growing in the country. It is a type of development that incorporates commercial and residential properties in the same area, offering facilities and services to residents.

Some more complex projects aggregate in the same place the residential area, shopping, hotels, and bars.