What are the top 10 mergers and acquisitions that might redefine industries?

It is difficult to determine the top 10 mergers and acquisitions that might redefine industries as it depends on various factors such as industry trends, market conditions, and individual perspectives. However, here are ten notable mergers and acquisitions in recent years that have had a significant impact on their respective industries:

1. Amazon acquires Whole Foods (2017): This acquisition marked Amazon’s entry into the grocery industry and reshaped the online retail space.

2. Disney acquires 21st Century Fox (2019): Disney’s acquisition expanded its content library, giving it more control over popular franchises, including Marvel and Star Wars.

3. Microsoft acquires LinkedIn (2016): This merger created new synergies between Microsoft’s software offerings and the world’s largest professional networking platform.

4. CVS Health acquires Aetna (2018): Combining CVS’s pharmacy and retail outlets with Aetna’s insurance business aimed to redefine the healthcare industry by integrating medical services and reducing costs.

5. Facebook acquires WhatsApp (2014): Facebook’s acquisition of the messaging platform expanded its reach and user base, redefining how people communicate globally.

6. Bayer acquires Monsanto (2018): This merger combined two agricultural giants, creating a new powerhouse in the agrochemical and seed industry.

7. United Technologies and Raytheon merger (2020): The merger formed Raytheon Technologies, a major player in the aerospace and defense industries, with a diverse portfolio of products and services.

8. Johnson & Johnson acquires Actelion (2017): This acquisition enabled Johnson & Johnson to expand its pharmacological offerings and enhance its position in the pharmaceutical market.

9. Tesla acquires SolarCity (2016): By acquiring SolarCity, Tesla aimed to integrate solar energy and electric vehicles, redefining the renewable energy and automotive industries.

10. AT&T acquires Time Warner (2018): This merger brought together content creation with distribution, creating a media conglomerate and influencing the future of telecom and entertainment industries.

Note: Please keep in mind that the impact and effects of these mergers and acquisitions may vary over time, and other significant deals may also emerge in the future.